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Do you know all these interesting uses of inkjet printers?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-10

When it comes to cij printers, everyone’s first reaction must be that kind of big and cumbersome machine. In fact, people are smart. have brought trouble to our lives. Less

Convenient, the emergence of inkjet printers has solved the original manual marking or marking work that cannot be done manually, and the marking speed of inkjet printers is much faster than manual. The products marked

can be mass-produced. The application of inkjet printers has accelerated the development speed of all walks of life. I think you don’t need to say more about the importance of the logo, than

For example, the production date on the outer packaging of various foods and uses, with inkjet printing. In the future, there is no need to worry about accidentally eating or using expired products. In addition, there are many signs that bring convenience to our lives. These are all the credit of the inkjet printer! The following editor will introduce some interesting uses of cij printers.

I. Marking on eggs

Today's food safety issues There are endless emergences, and people’s requirements for food safety are getting higher and higher. Therefore, in the egg industry, many sellers choose to enter the eggs

Spray edible-grade red ink on the eggs. Spray the company, brand trademark, origin, nutritional content, grade, date, batch number and other information with the inkjet printer

On the eggs, let the consumption Visitors can understand the information about eggs at a glance when they buy. For the common people, they can see the “organic egg” or “non-polluted egg” mark.

Feel free to buy! Of course, these characters are subject to random inspections by the State Food Administration, and they can be sprayed only after they are qualified, so these signs are very convincing.

Two. Marking on wood

Using cij printers to mark on wood should be a very It’s a common thing, but the editor still finds it very interesting when I see the markings on the wood, because I started to think that the wood will expire too. In fact, This is not the case, because it needs to have its own size. The size of the logo on the wood is generally up to 18mm, and the size of the printed characters above 18mm can be called a large-character cij printer, so you can choose to mark on the wood. Large character cij printer.

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