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Do you know the classification of thermal transfer ribbons?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-08-07

Thermal transfer ribbons are also called carbon ribbons. Our common thermal transfer ribbons are usually divided into three types, including wax-based, mixed-based (wax-based/resin-based) and resin-based. There are also subdivisions for each type, such as economy and so on.

1. Wax-based ribbon

Wax-based ribbons are the cheapest of all thermal transfer ribbons. Most wax-based ribbons are made with a single layer of colorant. The composition of wax-based ribbons has a high proportion of wax-based components. Since the melting point of wax is lower than that of resin components, it is suitable for printing in low temperature environments. Because the wax is softer, it has lower abrasion resistance and is suitable for printing on uncoated product surfaces, such as coated paper. Wax-based ribbons are suitable for printing short-lived prints, such as various general labels, logistics labels, clothing labels, receipts, warehousing applications, retail labels, etc.

2. Mixed base ribbon (wax base/resin base ribbon)

Mixed-based ribbons, also known as wax-based/resin-based ribbons, are made by mixing wax-based and resin-based in a certain proportion, in which the resin component accounts for a larger proportion. Wax-based/resin-based ribbons consist of two or more layers. Because the resin component has a higher melting point, which increases the melting point of the ribbon, printing can be done at a higher temperature than a wax-based ribbon. Because resin is harder than wax, the printed information has higher abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and rub resistance than wax-based ribbons, while maintaining edge sharpness. Wax/resin-based ribbons are slightly more expensive than wax-based ribbons.

3. Resin-based ribbon

Resin-based ribbons contain the highest percentage of resinous material. Most resin-based ribbons consist of more than two layers. Because resins have high melting points, resin-based ribbon printing is done at high temperatures. But the resulting printed images have very high chemical resistance, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, and are suitable for use in harsh environments. Resin based ribbons are suitable for use with textile and apparel labels (e.g. taffeta/satin), high gloss coated materials (e.g. polyester, polyolefin, destructible vinyl), warranty labels, labels exposed to harsh environments (e.g. chemical roller labels, pharmaceutical labels, etc.), as well as industrial and automotive applications. Resin-based ribbons are the most expensive thermal transfer ribbons.

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