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Do you know those elementary school questions of UV laser marking machine?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-08

Ultraviolet laser marking machine is a modern leading precision processing method. Compared with traditional printing, hand engraving, mechanical engraving, EDM, abrasive characterization, etc., ultraviolet laser marking machine has many advantages: In processing, UV laser marking machine can quickly complete surface burr removal, character and logo marking, anti-counterfeiting marking, product number and barcode marking.

In addition to marking products, it can also be used for drilling, cutting, welding and other functions. It can be used for surface marking of glass, polymer materials and other objects. Hole processing, flexible PCB board, LCD, TFT marking, dicing, metal or non-metal plating removal, silicon wafer micro-hole, blind hole processing, etc., is a high-performance laser equipment.

In daily maintenance and use, UV laser marking machine has the advantages of strong flexibility, high electro-optical conversion rate, convenient maintenance, etc. UV laser marking machine is suitable for smooth In the fields with high requirements on precision, fineness and depth, the surface material can be instantly vaporized on the surface of plastic products through high-energy laser focusing, thereby leaving permanent traces, such as glass, polymer materials, food, medicine, cosmetics, wires, etc. Packaging bottles (boxes) of polymer materials, flexible PCB boards, LCD, TFT marking and other materials are all within the scope of application of the UV laser marking machine.

About the choice of equipment Customers can choose the laser according to their own materials, so what is the price of the UV laser marking machine? A complete set of equipment includes galvanometers, field mirrors, software, lasers, etc., and the lasers are domestic and imported, and the price of the laser is different depending on the power, so there is no evaluation of the price, Z mainly depends on the actual process. Need, find the most suitable equipment, and then have the actual price, tens of thousands to 100,000 depending on the power model configuration.

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