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Do you know what functions of the printer as a marking tool have?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-06
In addition to the commonly used marking functions, do you know that there are many other functions? According to the results obtained by the editor of inkjet printer manufacturers, it seems that in most people's minds, the main function of inkjet printers is to print product production date, production location, manufacturer and other information. In fact, the functions of the inkjet printer are diversified, let's take a look! 1. Anti-counterfeiting function Small-character cij printers can use database variable data to prevent counterfeiting, and can generate variable numbers or two-dimensional codes. Some large-character cij printers can be used to prevent counterfeiting by changing the color. Of course, they use anti-counterfeiting special ink. The character inkjet printer can 'hide' some identification numbers, which can only be seen in a specific environment, to achieve the anti-counterfeiting effect. 2. Meter counting function This is one of the important auxiliary functions of the inkjet printer in the cable industry. As for the meter compensation and other enhanced meter counting functions that some high-end products have, we need to understand carefully when buying the inkjet printer . And Metronix rottweil has a professional cable printer that has this function. Third, the beautification function inkjet printer can produce some beautiful icons. Compared with the boring combination of text and numbers, the appearance of icons will always have a certain degree of novelty and attractiveness, and they can be used as appropriate in the application of inkjet printer logos. In addition, the inkjet printer has many other functions, which can facilitate corporate logo management, and companies will have more surprises when they use it. The above is the content shared today. I feel that the editor of the cij printer manufacturer has shared it well. You can follow the official website of the inkjet printer:, if you need to know the printer equipment, please call us: 020-87227827
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