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Do you know why easy tear line laser can become the development trend of future place?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-10-06

about laser marking machine for most of us think of code assigned to represent information may be, is the production date, trademarks, design information such as the tag. But the laser marking machine is assigned a code so simple, not just as the demand of the industry demand diversity, laser marking machine also according to the demand for new technology research and development, it is not easy to tear line laser had emerged. Easy tear line laser appears mainly in order to meet the requirements of packaging industry for commodity packaging experience, and at the same time in order to meet the needs of the user to quickly open the goods use. Perhaps you will say traditional dotted line knife also can realize processing, why choose to use laser marking machine?

do you know a product be replaced by another goods what is the reason? For the simple is that it is insufficient to meet the needs of the present production and processing, the need to introduce new technology to replace its complete. So traditional broken knife processing easy tear lines main problems are as follows: because of the different operators different operating technique, can lead to easy tear after processing line hole section is larger, and the overall differences flatness, does not conform to the customer actual demand for commodities easy tear line. At the same time can also lead to easy tear line is easy to crack, product qualified rate is low, the affected the subsequent operations, and used in the blade and the machining roller are easily damaged, basically blades and roller scrap within one month, increased the cost of production and change the workload, make easy tear line processing efficiency is low, working strength is big.

and laser marking machine on the easy tear line to use the new technology for laser marking, mainly for the multilayer composite packaging materials on the characteristics of using laser 'easy tear mouth', the purpose of the finished product and use 'easy tear mouth' of products on the market are not uncommon, such as dairy packaging bags, plastic zipper bags, etc. , these commodities is the special test of user experience, a very easy, convenient and neat torn bags, will allow the user to have a kind of satisfy feeling, can help the manufacturer to achieve this purpose, in a more advanced and flexible technology, will be the size of a micron grade laser energy is focused on the need to line up the surface processing, and laser energy will not cause the other film layer and the whole film layer a little bit of damage, this process can also be called no wear production and processing, and solid line and dotted line or different line shape, simple implementation can be a few buttons!

so they can know than traditional broken knife processing, easy tear line laser marking machine processing way is better, to solve the easy tear line on PVC processing efficiency is low, the working strength is big problem. Laser processing has become the PE, PVC, PET film processing industry new technology standards, for easy tear film line and quantitative design of air holes. Has the marking speed, equipment easy to operate, stable performance and long service life, etc. SCM - 55 set laser technology, optical technology, precision machinery, electronic technology, computer software technology and discipline in the integration of high-tech products such as refrigeration compared with traditional mechanical gear hole faster and the pitch of the aperture size adjustable more even, can realize arbitrary direction, shape, more easy tear line marking.

above all, the so-called easy tear line laser marking machine is easy tear line laser machine can solve OPP, pet grains bags, anti-static/shielding bags, aluminum foil, aluminum foil face film, vacuum bags, plastic, slightly pitted vacuum bags, moisture-proof bag, plastic grains lu: su composite paper bag, building materials, packaging bags, sealing membrane material such as mouth, easy tear line on demand. This is also the future easy tear line laser machine to replace traditional dotted line processing of a trend.
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