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Does the coding mark on the egg have any health effects?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-05-03
Eggs, because their nutrition is very suitable for the needs of the human body, are easily absorbed, and the price is close to the people, it is the most common food in life. With the gradual improvement of living standards and spending power, people are paying more and more attention to healthy eating, which is why we see more and more eggs in the market now with red inkjet logos, indicating the brand, date, origin, etc. , This is like an ID card for an egg. The painted eggs indicate that they have been selected, washed and dried, and they are all qualified products. Buyers can choose green, safe and healthy eggs at a glance when choosing eggs. Consumers can't help but worry that the ink on the eggs will affect the quality of the eggs or have safety issues. Leadtech will answer your doubts. Food-grade inks only use edible materials that have passed the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or EU regulations. The inks on the above are all food grade inks. Leadtech has a large number of food-grade inks. The raw materials are all within the scope specified by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The ink is printed on the eggs without any impact on the quality and consumption of the eggs. Leadtech ink, escort your health 1. Each batch of products and the raw materials used are tested according to the certified and verifiable ISO9001 quality control process 2. All ink consumables comply with EU and China ROHS regulations 3. Selected The raw materials are selected based on the requirements of environmental protection policies and regulations. No Leadtech CIJ ink is classified as toxic, harmful or harmful to the environment. 4. Sony Green Partners If you want to know more, please contact Leadtech China:     Shanghai Room 503, Block 1, No. 518, Fuquan North Road, Changning District Hotline:    Tel: +86 21 32796600   Fax: +86 21 32796601   Website: http://
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