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Does the logo printed by the UV laser marking machine fall off?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-31

In order to obtain a broad market and high economic benefits, enterprises need to improve product quality, that is, to beautify the product image. This can increase the aesthetics of the product by printing the logo on the surface of the product, and can also increase the popularity of the product and increase the trust of consumers in the product. How about using a UV laser marking machine for logo printing? Will the printed logo fall off?

Ultraviolet laser printing is the applied laser printing technology, which uses a very thin laser beam to mark the surface of the product, which can print extremely high-precision, clear and accurate content. The current printing equipment is controlled by computer software, which can customize the printing font, color, and number of printing lines on the equipment to meet different printing needs. Ultraviolet laser printing can now have a market, and it is more effective than ink jet printing. This is to burn the surface of the printed product with a laser at high temperature, and form the required characters, patterns and other marks on the surface, without adding ink or solvent, which saves consumables and reduces production costs. Ultraviolet laser marking machine is more convenient than ink jet coding machine, and there is no need to worry about nozzle clogging affecting printing without the addition of ink, which can better maintain the equipment.

Why laser printing is used now? The ink printing efficiency is not as high as that of laser printing, and if the ink needs to be added to the equipment, it is necessary to check whether the ink path is unblocked and the nozzle is blocked, which adds to the operation steps. More importantly, the logo formed after ink jet printing may fall off and affect recognition over time. Laser printing has no such problem, and the printed logo will never fall off for a long time. Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of different types of cij printers, you can know that the UV laser marking machine is better to use.

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