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Don't believe it! UV inkjet printers will gradually replace silk screen printing

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-07

The issue of environmentally friendly inks has always been the focus of attention in the printing and labeling industry. It is indisputable that screen printing inks are poisonous and not environmentally friendly. In fact, the industry has been looking for alternatives for a long time. With the introduction of various national environmental protection policies, the living space of silk screen printing may be further compressed. In recent years, UV inkjet coding is sweeping the market with a rapid development trend. Compared with screen printing, UV cij printers can spray a wider range of materials, such as aluminum plates, tiles, glass, wood, metal sheets, acrylic plates, plastics, and leather. And other flat materials, bags, cartons and other products, and more importantly, UV ink is environmentally friendly and fully meets national requirements.

First of all, the silk screen printing process is more complicated. Among them, the production time of the screen The cycle is long, usually takes a week, and every link requires manual operation. The whole process of UV cij printer is automated to form an assembly line operation. The whole process is computer controlled and can be operated by one person, which greatly liberates labor and improves efficiency.

Secondly, the environmental pollution caused by silk screen printing is great. Silk screen inks are the biggest source of pollution in the printing industry. Because it is an organic volatile matter, it will form oxides and photochemical smog under sunlight, and the smell is particularly strong and pungent. Long-term operation may affect people's health. The UV inks used in UV cij printers have passed various environmental certification standards.

Furthermore, the effect of silk printing is easy to turn yellow and has a short life span. Since the heat generated by the LED in the lighting process will affect the ink, the ink dots will affect the light emission, resulting in the phenomenon of light decay, which will eventually lead to uneven light or yellowing of the LED flat light, and the use time is not long. Products printed by UV inkjet printers are anti-ultraviolet, moisture-proof, and can be stored for more than 20 years.

Finally, the cost issue is that the cost of UV ink is lower. The proofing and testing department of the logo has done a test comparison , The cost of UV inkjet printing is less than one-fifth of silk screen ink. Compared with the two, UV inkjet printing has lower cost, higher efficiency, more environmentally friendly use, and better printing effect. For silk screen printing, I really Can't think of any reason not to be replaced.

Once upon a time, silk screen dominated the printing market Half of the country, but with the changes and development of the times, balances have gradually turned to UV coding. It is believed that in the near future, it will be an irreversible trend for UV inkjet printing to completely replace silk screen printing.

Don’t believe it, the times abandon you, and don’t even say hello to you, just like the education and training industry, who was before two or three years? I can imagine that the education and training industry will be where it is today in 2021! ! !

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