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Don't work to make summer clothing customization requirements? Personalization - T-shirt printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-24
Enterprise work clothes also has become a popular t-shirts, not only helps to reflect the good cooperative and cohesion of the staff, and also facilitate the unit more effectively to requirements and management staff. Summer is about to come, how can be customized for summer enterprise work clothes? 1, the uniform color choice when selecting a summer uniform, had better choose single color's overalls, color can be white, black, gray, army green to give priority to. Not only looks fresh, but also a better visual effect. 2, choice of clothes are comfortable comfortable height also depends on the amount of pure cotton fabric with cotton, cotton content, the more its wearing effect will be more comfortable. 3, the uniform custom craft textile printers, professional custom clothing, can small batch custom clothing, suitable enterprises overalls, customized. Imported textile ink, not easy jam textile laser printing machine nozzle, has the very good color reduction degree, easy operation, high cost performance. Now, the environment, can also use clothing customization machine at home, is very convenient.
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