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Dot matrix small character inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-09
The binary dot matrix small character cij printer BX6000 series is a high-speed and efficient dot matrix cij printer. It has two print heads, which gives a high degree of flexibility for inkjet printing, and this machine can be adapted to different materials Inkjet, the design can achieve the best economic benefits, which can maintain reliable performance in any environment. High speed and innovation BX6000's high speed binary dot matrix coding system is suitable for printing on a wide variety of materials. With BX6000, you can perform high-speed coding on almost any surface without subsequent drying. Videojet BX coding system has the latest innovation in the field of digital imaging technology. Two jetting docks, high production capacity The two jetting docks can achieve high-speed coding of two colors at a maximum speed of 300mmin. Therefore, the inkjet printer can achieve extremely high throughput. In order to achieve flexible marking, the inkjet printer provides an electronic connection to the inkjet area. At the same time, the inkjet printer can also achieve vertical inkjet printing images in various formats. The design can achieve the best economic benefits. The BX6000 series is excellent in terms of sturdiness, and the jetty is designed so that it can be used for the entire lifespan. Therefore, we provide an economical solution that eliminates the need for replacement parts. BX6000 has a sturdy housing, so it is suitable for harsh environments. In addition, the advantage of the inkjet printer lies in its reduced volume consumption and no waste of ink. Reliability and productivity The installation and operation of the BX6000 is extremely simple with the help of a user-friendly interface. The integrated diagnostic software makes the BX6000 series very reliable. During operation, the automatic phase correction function can continuously ensure the best coding quality. The coding speed of this binary small character cij printer is as high as 300/min, and the production efficiency is very high. It can be applied to fast-drying ink for all materials for coding, and the design of two print heads maintains maximum flexibility and convenience. And it saves consumables and ink, and the operation is simple and convenient!
In the past few decades, expiry date printing machine production has increased because of the use of cij printer.
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