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Drug Administration Barcode Inkjet Printer allows the majority of people to buy drugs with confidence

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-23

The working principle of the pill box cij printer is: Ink jet from a nozzle through pressure, crystal oscillation occurs to form ink dots; then through the ink jet dot charging, high-voltage deflection scans text on the surface of the moving object, and continuous vacuum recovery is required , Recirculation, UV cij printer has gear pump ink type and diaphragm pump for ink supply in the fuel supply mode.

The simple and intuitive text field editing method of the pill box inkjet printer and the simple touch key for content editing ensure the correctness of the operation. Reduce printing time and cost. Single board of the circuit system, integrated power supply, simple and reliable, multi-line printing, high printing speed with large printing information, effectively improving production efficiency. Take the UV inkjet printer-W3000 independently developed by the logo inkjet printer manufacturer as an example. As a high-definition large-format inkjet printer, it has the following characteristics: inkjet printing effect: 300DPI or 600DPI inkjet printing effect, equivalent to printing effect; Solid fonts with clear markings are printed, and the scanning recognition rate of barcodes and QR codes is very high. Printing height: printing height can reach 32.4mm or 54mm; nozzle: imported industrial piezoelectric nozzle, supporting multi-head and splicing expansion; ink supply: intelligent electronic control negative pressure ink supply system; data: online variable data printing; cost: Low-cost operation mode, no need to add any mixed solvents, greatly saving the cost of consumables; Maintenance: less machine parts, simple and convenient maintenance; Environmental protection: using environmentally friendly ink, non-toxic, does not pollute the sprayed product, it is medicine, food, The key selection equipment for beverage label producers Pill box inkjet printer, UV cij printer, laser inkjet printer, etc., independent research and development, can be customized, have served 2000+ customers, good reputation, free proofing, lifetime warranty!

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