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Dry goods sharing: barcode and two-dimensional code coding knowledge

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-13
Two-dimensional bar code / two-dimensional bar code (2-dimensional bar code) is to use a certain geometric figure to record data symbol information in a black and white pattern distributed on a plane (in a two-dimensional direction) according to a certain rule. In coding, cleverly use the concept of '0' and '1' bit streams that constitute the internal logic of the computer, and use several geometric shapes corresponding to binary to represent text and numerical information, through image input equipment or photoelectric scanning equipment Automatic reading to realize automatic information processing. As a brand-new information storage, transmission and identification technology, QR code/QR code has been developed rapidly in recent years. It is widely used in industrial production. QR codes can be printed on products of a variety of materials. It has applications in electronics, food, beverage, auto parts and other industries. In recent years, the country has also paid more and more attention to the establishment of anti-counterfeiting and product information traceability systems in the production and circulation fields. For example, the seed industry, pesticide traceability and anti-counterfeiting, and Chinese medicinal materials have all begun to implement QR code traceability. Leadtech keeps up with the ever-evolving era. When the two-dimensional code began to appear, Leadtech began to study the two-dimensional code printing technology, and developed a variety of machines suitable for bar code/two-dimensional code printing.   Today, the editor will introduce to you the bar code/two-dimensional code printing function of Leadtech's various cij printers. And bar code / two-dimensional code printing knowledge. Leadtech cij printer available code Leadtech inkjet printer available code CJ400590079008900/89108920/8940 One-dimensional code barcode ××√√√ QR code DM code ××√√√QR code (25 dot matrix) ×××√√QR code (33 dot matrix)××××√   Barcode format introduction Data Matrix (DM code for short)  * Data Matrix code operates similar to normal barcode, but the information is contained in a square or rectangular dot pattern.  * The size and shape of the Data Matrix code depends on the selected format.   (Figure ↓ below) is an example of a completed Data Matrix code, which contains data from text fields and date and time fields. QR Code (QR code for short)  *QR (Quick Response) code is the code of information contained in the dot image in the square.   (Figure ↓ below) is an example of a completed QR Code, which contains data from text fields and date and time fields.  *If the code becomes dirty or damaged, the QR Code can use the error correction function to recover the data. There are four correction error levels. The higher the error correction level, the more the available storage capacity will be reduced. You can choose one of the following error correction levels: • L level (low) 7% of code words are used for error correction • M level (medium) 15% of code words are used for error correction • Q level (quartile) 25% The code words are used for error correction • H level (high) 30% of the code words are used for error correction. The default setting level is L level.   What is 'error correction'? It means that part of the content of the QR code is missing due to various reasons, which affects the reading rate of the QR code, and the 'error correction' function can still easily read the QR code in this case content. The higher the 'error correction' level, the easier it is to read in the larger the missing range. (As shown below↓) The QR code of Leadtech's WeChat official account is actually a code with some areas missing, but it does not affect people's use of mobile phones, scanners or other devices to read the content.   The capacity of QR Code depends on the size of the code and the correction error level used. If the amount of encoded data is greater than the capacity, the printer will display empty boxes instead of fields. Increase the code size or reduce the amount of data. As shown in the above table, the maximum usable capacity of each version number at each error correction level.  *(As shown below↓) The rows and columns represent the dot matrix corresponding to the printer, not the real height.  (click to enlarge)  For more information, please visit Leadtech official website:  or call:
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