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Dry goods: Talking about the cost-effectiveness of handheld inkjet printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-09
1. The price of handheld inkjet printers Different brands of handheld inkjet printers have different prices. The handheld cij printers of the same brand will also vary due to different models and functions, but handheld inkjet printers are generally still better than other types of inkjet printers. Machine equipment has more advantages in price. Since there are many types of handheld inkjet printers, we will not explain them one by one today. If you are interested, you can consult the inkjet printer manufacturers about the specific prices of different brands and types of inkjet printers. Second, the use of hand-held inkjet printers  The price-performance ratio is the ratio of performance to price. First of all, the hand-held inkjet printer has a certain advantage in price. Next, let's take a look at its functional advantages. 1. The handheld inkjet printer can select a variety of inks. Hand-held inkjet printers do not require use and small-character machines require solvents, only ink cartridges. There are many varieties of ink in the ink cartridges, roughly including slow-drying and fast-drying types, which are suitable for different products, slow-drying type The ink is mainly used in paper products or plastic products with good permeability; the quick-drying ink is mainly used in metal products. 2. Hand-held inkjet printers are more flexible in operation, and online inkjet printing can be done in a few simple steps. The handheld cij printer has been refitted with a bracket and installed with a photoelectric sensor. It can be placed on a conveyor belt for mobile inkjet coding, which greatly improves the operation and coding power and makes it more functional. QR code, barcode, and variable data Both can carry out online transmission and coding, and the communication protocol is becoming more and more perfect, and it has a stronger advantage in connection. In many cases, the customer's product is a carton or carton. The online inkjet saves the cost of buying a small character inkjet printer. Other inkjet fonts can choose print or bitmap fonts, and the beauty is also guaranteed. If you want to know more about using cost-effective cij printers, you can search for [cij printer] and enter our official website: http:///
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