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Dry sharing: you don't know easy tear line laser punching machine analysis of the main application

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-09-28

in the modern society, there are a variety of consumer groups, at the same time it still has diversified consumer demand. Goods, for example, for ocd people tore mouth must be neatly needs, otherwise will explode in situ, especially for ocd group has a very serious. So in order to be able to more relevant consumer user experience, currently, more and more food, cosmetic, cosmetics and other industries will be easy to tear line/easy to tear the design on the packaging of goods, when we go to the supermarket, convenience stores and other retail places to buy goods can be found.

in the present social, easy tear mouth/easy tear line machining cannot be limited to traditional form, but the safety of environmental protection and high efficiency easy tear line laser marking machine to complete the goods easy tear line processing, according to the different cognitive also known as easy tear line laser punching machine, easy tear line laser engraving machine, easy tear line laser marking machine, etc. At the beginning of the article, we mentioned it can be used in many fields, here is a brief analysis with everybody with easy tear line laser marking machine is mainly the application scope of analysis.

first, heat sealing labels easy tear line in the drinks. Beverage products is one of the most common in the daily life, we all know that sweep code should award is many beverage manufacturers will involve a promotional activities, and u easy tear line laser marking machine can beautify the tear film and code process, in the premise of not easy tear line now consumers are hard to tear off from the bottle, is not conducive to the user experience. So from the perspective of users and consumers consider U easy tear line is necessary, and easy tear line laser marking machine is to solve this problem.

second, easy tear line in the common food packaging. Many consumers have the habit of buying snacks, when we want to eat, packaging, not to tear open psychological whether there will be a kind of be agitated? So also is in order to improve the user experience merchants have to increase easy tear line on the packaging or is easy to tear. Especially as flexible packaging more and more attention to the packing sealing safety and health, make a lot of packaged goods companies have started looking for easy to open, easy to tear the packing of the products, so customers can easy to use, increase the brand effect, and conducive to improving the efficiency of packaging production line.

third, packaging in some seeds in the presence of air holes. Easy tear line laser marking machine to hear name many people think the only on the line, easy to tear the mouth, but it is not he can realize punching, cutting, etc. , and subject to change according to the different demand, in the packaging industry, often use film punching for vegetables and other articles with strict insurance requirements for packaging, different items have different insurance needs. Normally aperture, and the number of openings for keeping fresh time has a direct influence of the item, and use easy tear line laser punching machine can according to the demand of keeping fresh arbitrary aperture, the adjustment of the pitch, and roll to roll on the roll of film for the continuity of the automated processing, drilling speed, the advantage of high precision, simple operation.

and, for some cosmetic mask products is also can be in the industry, like food, users don't want to hard to tear goods, this will lead to consumers don't want to use psychological again. At the same time for some paper towel products is the same reason, resists in order not to let the consumer psychology, marketers must do user experience, let consumer satisfaction.

all in all, the application of laser marking machine for easy tear line analysis and many, many, simple point is the need to line, easy to tear the mouth of goods to be able to use easy tear line laser punching machine. It is able to solve the businessman for easy tear line processing, but also solve the problem of using experience for consumers. Laser processing when a kind of multi-functional, strong practicability, high degree of automation, simple operation and visual result, and in the process of machining can be realized dynamic synchronous tracking shows that the automatic program error diagnosis, limit protection, and other functions.
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