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Easily choose to suit your own laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-10-06

it is not difficult to find that for now, most users will hesitate when choosing a product in the mind, they don't know how to choose is suitable, also don't know whether those suitable for others to use it really suits you? Don't know the characteristics of the product is hard to meet your needs, for user identification marking requirements of commodity packaging, the same is true, not to how people use you choose, but need to choose according to the actual demand, otherwise it is useful for others but for yourself is not practical. For the convenience of the user can easily choose suits own laser marking machine, share with you how to choose the laser marking machine under tip:

we all know that the laser marking machine has three big essential factor is must know: laser, laser marking, laser galvanometer software, so users also need to consider when the choice of the three elements of the quality and performance are in good condition. Laser marking machine is not single, but there are multiple different types, different type has different features. User when the choice should be made clear their enterprise scope of production, processing materials, processing capacity, etc. , so as to facilitate the procurement of marking machine model and quantity. This is just a general train of thought, the following for details.

a, machine type, the determination of the choice of the laser. Want to choose a suitable laser marking machine, first of all should be clear what you want to make the products which are there, then you know what you want to goods to print what kind of effect, which could probably understand should buy what type of laser marking machine. Different material, different requirements have different marking machine matching, also want to see how the laser quality of the machine. For laser marking machine can be one of the most important part of, the stand or fall of it can affect the quality of the machine. So the user should choose imported marking machine, imported are better beam quality, electro-optical conversion, of course, in the case of insufficient funds choose domestic can also

2, check the stand or fall of cooling equipment. Cooling equipment for laser marking machine also plays a more important role in good and bad: a, judgment of cooling water flow rate? The faster the cooling water flow rate, are helpful to heat the b, whether the cooling system of the pipe leaks, if the dew, also affect the laser power.

3, check the laser galvanometer is good or bad. Laser marking machine vibrating mirror is one of the important factors influencing the marking graphics, and is beneficial to increase the laser marking machine of good electro-optical conversion rate, at the same time can improve the laser marking machine marking speed and graphics accuracy

4, the operation simple and easy. User when selecting a laser marking machine, should try to operation try yourself, choose a more simple than complicated operating worry

5, check whether the laser marking machine software is legal edition development. Now, there are a lot of piracy on the market, buying pirated prone to light-leaking, power consumption, performance instability, short use time, high maintenance cost, a series of problems. So businesses need to carefully when buy, improve defensive

6, suppliers of after-sales service. Good after-sales service allows users to buy the machine after the guaranteed, don't have to worry about when the machine problems can't find people to solve the problem. Common after-sales service including the distribution of laser marking machine, training, installation, debugging, testing, etc.

that is about how to choose suits own small share in the laser marking machine, hope to be able to help you to see this article.
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