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EBS Germany - 260 handheld jet. the plastic pipe industry identification solution

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-20
EBS Germany - 260 handheld jet. the plastic pipe industry source identification solution: this website the author: admin date: 2019 - 9 - Browse 4 0

along with the social development, building materials industry at the request of the code above is becoming more and more specifications. Tong yi below small make up to introduce plastic pipes under the code. Plastic pipe with the method of 'plastic' commonly in tuber Canon of extrusion and gained more and more widely used in building engineering, mainly used for housing construction of piping, drainage and exhaust in tap water supply system and drainage health tube, underground drain system, storm sewer, and wire installation kit with threading pipe, etc.

as a result of the plastic pipe diameter, and need logo on the industry standard, type, batch, specification, etc, the traditional manual spray printing work difficulty is big, easy to spray printing error, EBS - 260 handheld spurt the cij printer according to different pipe diameter of the pipe are identified, such as pipe diameter, smaller machines and side roller bracket, various identification task easily.

EBS handheld spurt the cij printer can realize multi-usage, delicate and cabinet design more accord with human body engineering, the quick dry ink can rapid drying on all kinds of plastic products, not pad printing, even in the transport process can ensure complete identity information.

as a portable spurt the cij printer, EBS - 260 all spare parts are industrial grade, in different temperature and humidity or other bad production environment to work properly, with ruby nozzle, has the advantages of wear-resisting, high temperature resistant, fight corrode.

EBS - Have extensive sex, in 260 for plastic plasticity is extremely strong, whether in the flat or curved surface or rough surface, EBS handheld cij printer can be identified.

take into account the need to be in the construction site, outdoor plants, production workshop, warehousing logistics center and other places of use, EBS portable jet. the battery life for 16 - 50 hours, no can also edit transmission information, the network environment more intelligent human nature.

EBS jet. the guangdong general agent - Germany - - - - - - The company. 02086264369/13570392881 service hotline:

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