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Editing application of inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-19

Barcode is one of the height identifications that can be processed by the inkjet printer. The barcode printing of the cij printer needs to be edited and confirmed in advance, and finally presented through the relevant program hardware. The following is an example of the marking window and commands of the Ouma inkjet printer. Use this format window to create a barcode format. Use the Tab key to select all options in order. Formats that can be defined: EAN-8 / EAN-13 UPC-8 /UPC-12 EXT-2 / EXT-5 (EAN / UPCaddition code) Code 2/5i Code 39 Code128 / EAN128 / EAN128C. Value, enter the value of the barcode. Stroke width, use this area to determine whether to repeat the stroke to stretch the barcode in the length direction. Character width, use this area to determine whether to insert one to several blank columns after several printing columns. Bar code height, this value defines the height of the entered bar code dot matrix. Upside down, this option makes the barcode entered in the editing area upside down. Reverse left and right, activate this button, the barcode will be reversed left and right (ie mirroring). Reverse white, activate this button to indicate the positive and negative of the barcode, that is, black and white reverse. The left side is blank. If the barcode can be read, the left side can keep the value in the blank column. The right side is blank. If the barcode can be read, the value in the blank column can be reserved on the right side. The products of cij printer manufacturers mainly include: barcode printers, barcode scanners, data collectors, barcode label materials, imported thermal transfer ribbons and system integration of various barcode applications, cij printers, inkjet printer related consumables and related auxiliary Equipment, etc.

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