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Effective protective measures for laser marking equipment at work

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-19

Although laser marking technology has many technological advantages, most of this technology is applied to industrial lasers. Industrial lasers belong to the fourth category of laser products, which have certain damage to the eyes and skin, so it must be done during use. Take safety precautions to avoid direct or scattered radiation from the optical output mirror.

Appropriate precautions should also be taken to prevent the output beam or reflected beam from hitting the human body directly. Both scattered and reflected light can cause damage to the skin and eyes. Appropriate protective goggles should be worn at all times during the operation, and shielding tooling can also be installed within the scope of laser processing to isolate the radiant light and prevent the radiation light scattering from causing damage to the eyes and skin.

Pay attention to eye protection when using laser marking equipment. During use, the light emitted by the laser marking equipment may cause damage to the eyes and skin. This emitted light is invisible, and the beam may cause irreparable damage to the cornea. Goggles must be worn all the time when the smart laser is working.

Taking environmental protection measures for laser marking equipment can effectively avoid safety problems during use. The specific measures are as follows:


1. The laser marking machine is not suitable for working in a high temperature and high humidity environment;

2. Make sure that the equipment is within the specified environmental range before using it;< /p>

3. When the equipment is working, do not direct the laser source, and wear protective glasses when operating;

4. Keep the output Lens cleaning, after use, cover the protective cover, do not touch the lens with your hands, use tissue paper to clean the lens;

5. Except as mentioned in the manual In addition to the operation or adjustment, other improper operation may cause radiation exposure hazard.

6. The laser marking machine equipment needs to be properly grounded and work in a stable voltage environment.

Laser marking technology optimizes many process defects of traditional marking technology. The comprehensive expansion of hardware and software makes the application of marking technology more and more extensive, but its safety The protection problem should also be further improved. After the continuous development and research and development of this technology, it is believed that it will definitely bring more surprises to the manufacturing industry.

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