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Electronic cigarette was invented by the Chinese, why don't the domestic fire? - - - - - -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-12
Electronic cigarette was invented by the Chinese, why so fire abroad, domestic why not? Have some question, China has more than 3. 500 million smokers, more than the total population in the United States, but why is the use of electronic cigarettes population is less than one over ten of the us? This phenomenon is very easy to understand. 95% of the world's electronic cigarette is from China, 99 of them. About 9% in shenzhen, but why to now, also rarely saw smoke electronic street, because the vast majority of manufacturers are mainly to do foreign trade. And the Chinese people to accept fresh things need longer a stage, and this also limits the electronic cigarettes quickly occupy the market in China. In addition, the development of the market are regularly. When a market is saturated, will transfer to other areas, from 2017 In 2019, is a good opportunity for the development of the electronic cigarette in China. Not only meet the national anti-smoking theme, also is ill more in recent years, many of them are caused by smoking heart disease, lung disease, etc. , the health consciousness of people is also enhanced. This is electronic cigarettes in the domestic development of good opportunities. Electronic cigarette most contribution is to reduce dependence on tobacco, smoking to reduce the harm to the body. So is there any way to increase interest in the electronic cigarettes? First electronic cigarettes taste more, a lot of people choose fruit to quit smoking. Still have relatives and friends to which he presented a custom electronic cigarette smoking, is not the same as the exclusive electronic cigarette to his interest, is also a kind of emotion transfer? So how to customize electronic cigarettes? Using electronic cigarettes laser printing machine with the computer can easily on the different material of electronic cigarettes custom design and words, let him stop smoking are more interested in everything is in order to let care about family and friends can be better? 18 years of good quality, trustworthy. As long as you want to do it.
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