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Electronic Industry Coding Series II: Battery Shell

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-21
Product material: nickel-plated, steel, aluminum, flame-retardant plastic. Application features: there are more 18650 lithium batteries on the market. The spray-printed surface material is nickel-plated steel shell, which has high wear resistance. General spray-printed specifications and production dates, 2 lines To line 4. In addition, there are carbonic acid batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, nickel-chromium batteries, printing specifications and models, production dates, etc. The application requirement is usually to print characters, and the fonts are beautiful, the ink adhesion is good, the production line has high requirements for machine stability and low failure rate. In response to such requirements, Leadtech has several inks, corresponding to the machine 5900 or, 7900, 8900. For example, 1010 ink is resistant to battery electrolyte, alcohol wipes, anti-rust oil, etc. Application description: As a new type of green energy, lithium-ion batteries are used more and more widely. The final process in the production of lithium batteries is packaging and shipment. In this process, the lithium batteries need to be coded. The cij printer adopts a non-contact working mode, regardless of whether the device is flat or curved, or other irregular shapes, so whether it is a cylindrical battery or a square battery, a good printing effect can be achieved. The main identification content of the battery inkjet code is the product batch number, barcode, QR code and other variable information. It is necessary to ensure the recognizable rate of the barcode and the QR code; due to the large battery production volume and the fast production line speed, the inkjet printer needs to be based on the production line. Speed, while ensuring the printing speed and printing quality; and also has relatively high requirements for ink adhesion and drying time; especially the cylindrical lithium battery, which has a limited printing area, and has high requirements for the printing point. In continuous high-speed printing, if there is a slight deviation, the printing content will exceed the outline of the product, resulting in the appearance of defective products. Leadtech advantage: Leadtech inkjet printer can provide perfect coding solutions for lithium battery 18650 nickel-plated steel shell, carbonic acid battery, nickel-metal hydride battery, nickel-chromium battery, etc. It can print specifications and models, production date, and beautiful print fonts. The machine is stable. The 1010 ink developed by Leadtech has high adhesion and is resistant to battery electrolyte, alcohol wipes, and anti-rust oil. Corresponding machines are 5900 series, 790 series 0 and 8900 series. Model: 8900/10 Printing content: QR code dot matrix: 25 dot matrix
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