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Electronic industry inkjet printer solution - electronic industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-05-30

Industry characteristics:

There are many components and circuit boards in the electronics industry that need to be identified and coded, usually printing part number, origin, icon, production time, storage date and other information. At the same time, in order to make the parts of their products traceable, more and more electronic product manufacturers use inkjet identification equipment to give each part a unique identification, including SN code, database support code, barcode, two-dimensional code, etc.


Micro-character cij printer, 5x7 dot matrix, 4 lines (maximum 34 dot matrix) printing speed 5X5 single line. The maximum linear speed at 60dpl is 400m/ Minutes, optional dot matrix single line to five lines, the character height can be selected between 2mm-20mm according to the font dot matrix, the nearest printing distance is 12mm, the range is 5mm-20mm, and the information storage capacity is 400 pieces. More information can be obtained through U Unlimited storage on disk.

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Application model:

SQ3720W automation + Omron robot recognition (QR code)

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