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Engraving function engraving on the wood engraving?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-27
Q: engraving function on the wood engraving engraving? Answer: the function cannot engraving on the wood carving, depending on what type of engraving machine. We have several kinds of laser production of laser engraving machine. Such as optical fiber laser engraving machine, co2 laser engraving machine, uv laser engraving machine. Function of engraving engraving on the wood? The answer is: we produce co2 laser engraving machine can engraving on the wood engraving. Optical fiber laser engraving machine can engraving on metal and plastic products code, ultraviolet laser engraving machine can engraving on the product very high accuracy requirements of code. Other price is quite affordable, carving machine imported accessories of co2 laser engraving machine is now tens of thousands of dollars, much, much cheaper than five years ago the. Carving pause type, please inquire.
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