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by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-22
On August 27, according to People's Daily, the client, the foreign ministry spokesman GengShuang held a regular press conference. Q: it is reported that the group of seven summit leaders statement, reaffirming the procedural and importance of the Sino-British joint declaration, appealed to avoid violence, how do you comment on that? A: we are leaders of the group of seven summit statement to the Hong Kong affairs gossiping, finger-pointing expressed strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition. We repeatedly stressed that Hong Kong affairs is purely China's internal affairs, any foreign government organizations and individuals have no right to interfere. This year China has a lot of things, from huawei, unrest to Hong Kong, the capitalist countries is behind the sinister plot. Three kingdoms period, zhuge liang has alarmed many, now is still worthy of today's young people value: disorder of power! China is a strong efforts in the direction of all Chinese people. So as a Chinese, what we can do for China now? ” Science and technology power & quot; Is that we can to fight for the motherland, rather than blindly worship & quot; The moon is round western & quot; 。 We are going to do trade and industry technology, industrial technology not trade. He is a good technology in hand. This is also insist for 18 years. Is one of the goals of the development of high quality digital production for germans to direct injection flat-panel printers. Before someone said that the Japanese machine good, spent thousands, hundreds of thousands of buying a small flat printer back to customize products. But China's poor as their machines, just need to find to the brand. from 2001 began to develop, in 2003 officially founded research and launch on different surfaces custom design, logo, has 18 years. Equipment is now more than printing performance is stable, and the effect of printing is already far above Japan MIMAKI precision. Buy a small Japanese MIMAKI machine need anywhere, but to buy a UV printer only 3 - of similar size 5 w, machine is cheap, simple operation, the print effect is bright, color fastness is strong, neither ghosting, washes and scrape abrasion resistance. Even less than 1 mm thin body words can also be made easily, no flash, the trimming is clear, this is a microcosm of hard in power on the road. Always go forward, UV laser printing machine adopts whole steel structure, machine the frame deformation in ten years. Equipped with high quality of independent boards, 7 * 24 hours print don't slow down, feel free to change the color channel, prolong the service life of the nozzle. 7 * 24 hours print don't slow down, feel free to change the color channel, prolong the service life of nozzle, reduce subsequent use the maintenance costs of the machine. Many patent design, just to let customers use the machine to create more wealth. Want to customize the following, acrylic, metal plates, wood, glass, crystal, jade, ceramic tile, etc. , are looking for! ! ! 18 years to wait for you good quality
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