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Epson nozzle easy bad? Understand the epson nozzle can't hearsay! - - - - - -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-13
Now more and more people understand and use the epson printer, pictorial machine and so on, but they always next decided to be a lot of rumors. Rumors today small make up to you one by one analysis: 1: epson nozzle short life? A: all the service life of the nozzle is related to personal usage, such as someone who understands maintenance nozzle, you can use 1 year no problem; But, if you don't know the maintenance, may only be used for six months or so. Therefore, this is relatively shorter. In addition, such as we the legendary industrial nozzle ( The shower nozzle ricoh, konica nozzle, seiko nozzle, etc. ) Life is long, also is relative. A careless users, may use 1 - 3 months should change new shower shower nozzle, careful users can also use 1 - 2 years. In addition, if the shower do not maintain for a long time, epson nozzle with addition nozzle as life is not a great difference. Rumor 2: epson nozzle to maintain? A: from actual use devices, whether industrial nozzle, or epson nozzle, is need maintenance in time. Spray nozzle is a high tech product, hole small, if do not maintain for a long time, industrial nozzle and epson nozzle as there will be a problem. In the area of nozzle maintenance, are all the same! Rumor 3: epson nozzle will shut down? A: epson nozzle market have how old? For overseas market. How big is the Chinese market? Now, the universal printer/pictorial machine user use epson nozzle total 60 - exhibition market 80%, simple said epson nozzle uv flat-panel printers user account for the universal laser printing machine more than 60% market share. Such a huge market, epson company will give up easily? And universal printer nozzle print effect is the best or epson nozzle, other industrial nozzle ( Konica, seiko, ricoh sprinkler etc. ) Machine to print effect, could not be more different. Why epson nozzle has the market the most? Because: 1. Nozzle affordable; 2. Printing effect is unique; 3. Stable and reliable performance. Rumors have since ancient times, in the wise! Please refer hotline: 4008316492; 13265335569 miss Chen
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