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Evaluation of the effect of using fiber laser marking machine on metal products

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-02

Due to the continuous improvement of process requirements in modern factories, they often choose fiber laser marking machines for laser marking of products. The most distinctive feature of laser marking is that it has higher accuracy compared with traditional marking machines. , No consumables, no pollution, the use of fiber laser marking machine can meet the needs of customers more, so it is also well received by customers.

The fiber laser marking machine has more functions and four high characteristics, which fully meets the requirements of users.

Four highs refer to specialized laser marking equipment with high engraving speed, high efficiency, high stability and high-tech content.

Laser has been committed to Ru0026D, production and sales services in the laser marking industry for many years. The self-produced fiber laser marking fully meets the needs of customers and greatly meets the laser marking needs of customers in China with high product requirements.

Laser fiber laser marking has the following advantages in the marking of metal materials:

1. Fiber laser processing, without any consumables, saves costs for your production .

2. It can process all metals and most non-metal materials, and the processing effect of high hardness materials is better.

3. Non-polluting marking scheme, marking with laser as the medium, green and environmental protection, no worries.

4. Different marking power and range can be used as required, and laser marking can also be performed in harsh environments.

5. Using laser marking for product marking and engraving can greatly improve work efficiency and ensure product quality.

6. Non-contact marking, the product will not have any deformation.

And the power can be adjusted freely, so as to meet various needs in processing.

The current domestic laser marking technology has been widely used in all walks of life.

With continuous development, the technology of fiber laser marking will become more advanced.

The fiber laser marking machine has an excellent effect on the laser marking of metal.

The laser marking machine not only strives for excellence in products, but also continuously provides customers with the best experience in sales and service providers.

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