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Explain the difference between large character inkjet printer and small character inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-12
What we know about the difference between large-character inkjet printers and small-character inkjet printers is generally understood to mean that the fonts printed by large-character cij printers are relatively large, and the fonts printed by small-character cij printers are relatively small, so today Learn about the differences between them with printer manufacturers. 1. The working principle is different. Let's first talk about the small character cij printer. The small character cij printer has a vertically downward nozzle. In the printing process, the ink droplets are charged by the inkjet machine, so that the ink droplets are charged. The principle of charged deflection of the ink droplets is then used to make the ink droplets print on the surface of the object according to a predetermined trajectory. However, due to the limitations of the function and working mode of the small character inkjet printer, the object to be printed and the nozzle must form a relative displacement during the inkjet printing process to complete the entire inkjet printing process. Large-character inkjet printers have a completely different working principle from small-character inkjet printers. The nozzle of the large-character inkjet printer will always ink, but the valve design will be adopted in the front stage, and the effect of inkjet or stop can be achieved through the opening and closing of the valve, thereby achieving the printing target. When the printing job starts to run, the computer will analyze and calculate the pattern, convert it into instructions, and directly output a continuous electronic signal to control the micro solenoid valve on the nozzle to control the ink flow and print the specified pattern. 2. The printing effect is different. In terms of the printing effect, the large-character inkjet printer has more outer packaging, the font is relatively large, and the small-character cij printer prints smaller. Small-character inkjet printers have higher printing accuracy and tend to be physical characters. Relatively speaking, the characters printed by large-character cij printers are mainly composed of dots. 3. Whether to add diluent or not. Since the small character inkjet printer is based on the principle of continuous ink supply, it is necessary to add diluent. The ink of standard viscosity will be in contact with the atmosphere during the circulation process, and the solvent in the ink will continue to volatilize, causing the viscosity of the ink to gradually increase , And too high viscosity will affect the charging of the ink dots, directly affect the flying distance of the ink dots, and the printing effect will have errors. Therefore, when the ink viscosity is detected to be abnormal, the machine will automatically add thinner to ensure that the ink in the mixing tank maintains a standard viscosity value to ensure print quality. The large character inkjet printer ink does not need to add a thinner. The large character ink is based on the principle of ink supply on demand. The viscosity of the ink will not be affected by the outside world in a relatively closed space. As long as the physical and chemical indicators of the ink are adjusted to The range set by the machine can be used normally.
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