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Explain the difference between original inkjet printer consumables and replacement consumables

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-11
Original inkjet printer consumables generally refer to original inkjet printer ink, original inkjet printer solvent (original inkjet printer diluent or original inkjet printer diluent), inkjet printer cleaning agent (inkjet cleaning fluid). Today is mainly about the difference between original inkjet printer consumables and alternative inkjet printer consumables! 1. The original inkjet printer ink is composed of colorants, adhesives (resin), solvents and other materials. Its formula and production process are very strict. Each cij printer manufacturer will print materials according to the performance of the inkjet printer. , Provide the corresponding model of original inkjet printer ink to ensure the safe and stable operation of the inkjet printer. When choosing ink, be sure to choose the original ink provided by the inkjet printer manufacturer, or the ink that has been approved by the inkjet printer manufacturer. The alternative inkjet printer consumables are relatively cheap. The only shortcomings are that the alternative inkjet printer does not have the original logo and can be used, but it is durable and compatible with the machine. Slightly poor compatibility! 2. The original inkjet printer solvent is specially developed and used in conjunction with the characteristics of the original inkjet printer ink. During the operation of the inkjet printer, it continuously replenishes the lost substances of the ink and repairs the structural damage caused by the circulation. . Only the original inkjet printer solvent can make the original inkjet printer ink maintain good stability. The alternative inkjet printer solvent and the original inkjet printer ink are not so easy to use, so the replacement inkjet printer solvent is generally a substitute inkjet printer. Code machine ink!   3. The inkjet printer uses inks and solvents, as well as cleaning agents. The original cleaning agent is used to clean the nozzle and the scattered ink. Different original inkjet printer inks use different original inkjet printer cleaning agents, which are specially used in conjunction. However, the production formula and process requirements of the cleaning agent are much simpler than the solvent, but In order to ensure the performance of the printer and the life of the print head, it is recommended that the original consumables use the original cleaning agent. Alternative consumables use alternative cleaning agents!   The above points are about the small gaps between the original inkjet printer consumables and the alternative inkjet printer consumables. If you want to know more about this, welcome to communicate with our engineers!
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