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Explain the difference between small character inkjet printer and traditional printing

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-08
Many customers and friends have asked about the differences between small character inkjet printers and traditional printing. Today I will give you a brief introduction. A total of eight points are summarized:    (1) Clear and durable handwriting: small character cij printer is computer controlled, and accurately prints the required numbers, text, patterns, two-dimensional codes and bar codes.   (2) High degree of automation: automatic date. The change of batch and number enables unmanned operation of the printing process.   (3) Wide range of applications: it can be matched with any production line. It can print trademarks, date of manufacture, expiration date, shelf life, description, batch number, etc. on plastic, glass, paper, wood, rubber, metal and other materials and surfaces of different shapes.   (4) Programming is quick and convenient: input the required numbers, characters, patterns and line numbers through a computer or editing machine, modify the printing information, and just press the number key to complete.   (5) Adjustable character size: The width and height of the font can be adjusted within a suitable range, and the font can be bolded arbitrarily.  (6) The number of printing lines is adjustable: the number of printing lines is adjustable from 1 to 14 and can be matched arbitrarily.   (7) Very fast printing speed: the fastest printing speed is 2000 characters per second or 46 meters per minute.   (8) To meet special needs: use invisible ink to print, perfectly print invisible information or anti-counterfeiting identifiers on the product. It is precisely because the non-contact small character cij printer and high-resolution cij printer are the crystallization of computers and high technology, their reliability is quite high, the software version is easy to upgrade, the cost of printing on the product is very low, and it has the above advantage. Therefore, small character cij printers and high-resolution inkjet printers can be widely used in various industries such as food, beverages, tobacco and alcohol, packaging, medicine, cosmetics, electronics, wires and cables, pipes, mechanical parts and cables.
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