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Explain the usage and precautions of inkjet printer consumables

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-04
Nowadays, the printing speed of the inkjet printer on the production line of the enterprise is very fast. Although the inkjet printer is not simple to operate and use than the laser machine, the cost price of the inkjet printer is very low, and many small and medium-sized enterprises can afford it. At the same time, it can also reduce a lot of costs for various enterprises. The consumables are the products that the inkjet printer must use in the daily production, and it is indispensable. Then the inkjet manufacturer will explain the understanding and precautions of the inkjet printer consumables: 1. consumables Mainly, the ink consumption of the inkjet printer is a bit large in the production operation, so we need to pay attention to the quality of the ink when buying ink, try to use the type of ink specified by the cij printer provider, and now there are many alternative inks appearing In the market, it is best not to use substitute ink, so as not to damage or damage the internal accessories of the printer. 2. The anti-counterfeiting mark of the inkjet printer solvent is very clear on the solvent, and the solvent can realize the inkjet printing when the inkjet printer prints. At the same time, the solvent can adjust the effect of high-concentration ink, and it can also effectively reduce the condensation of ink in the inkjet printer or the clogging caused by the small nozzle diameter. It is a consumable for the smooth use of the cij printer. 3. Other anti-counterfeiting technologies From the perspective of the anti-counterfeiting functions realized by products, many anti-counterfeiting inks are now used in the following types: metamer ink, ultraviolet fluorescent ink, multi-functional or comprehensive anti-counterfeiting ink. For more information about cij printer manufacturers, laser printers, and small character cij printers, please log on to our official website:
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