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Explore new technology assignment of battery identification code of uv flying laser marking machine

by:LEAD TECH      2020-10-01

about the battery for any one of us will not be unfamiliar, even children can know the existence of the battery, now many children of remote-controlled toy cars are on the market need to use the battery products, there are some remote, mobile phones, electronic watch, mouse, electrical appliances, electronic products such as new energy vehicles are need battery can give full play to the role. Just as we need to connect the power supply to turn on the TV, without the existence of the power of TV was just a gimmick, with battery products are widely used in our daily life, many criminals using the trend to produce counterfeit battery products, only with the help of ultraviolet laser marking machine on battery products permanent anti-fake information to ensure the battery safe use.

chooses different types of goods on the market of battery products are not the same, the diversification of the battery is far not just those, we can see in the supermarket and many more are relatively less contact to us. But whatever the type of battery products, once by false and inferior battery, will be of the effects on the equipment, severe cases will happen explosive hazards. Why is that? Mainly because there is technical quality and inferior battery substandard conditions, on the face and inferior battery with the normal appearance of the formal is consistent, consumers can only through the anti-counterfeiting code on the battery. Battery manufacturers can use ultraviolet laser marking machine on the cell surface markers security information.

when normal production manufacturer use ultraviolet laser cij printer on battery products production information, serial number, security code, the qr code, batch number, manufacturer information, such as criminals are difficult to random imitation and change the information of laser marking, as long as consumers pay attention to when buy the above information will be able to easily identify the authenticity of battery. Relevant law enforcement departments at the same time also can use to crack down on the criminals that damage the interests of the people, and give them the corresponding punishment. Different processing methods on the surface of the battery manufacturer for battery have differences, there are more and more battery manufacturers are starting to use laser laser laser marking machine to marking on battery packaging information.

battery manufacturers from all walks of life in the selection of ultraviolet laser marking machine marking identification information, has the following advantages:

1, ultraviolet laser wavelength of 355 nm, tiny gather light can be used on fine small electronic battery products, at the same time can also be in other type, material, the size of the battery products, is suitable for the battery used in ultrafine processing in place.

2, laser marking is zero consumables non-contact form of marking, for battery manufacturers to reduce the cost of consumables spending, increase production capacity at the same time, the effect of work and production speed.

3, ultraviolet laser marking information is permanent, not easily imitate with the change, has the extremely good anti-counterfeit effect. Uv good beam quality, and thus marking effect also more beautifully clear.

4, security, environmental protection high-tech products let users more at ease, uv laser in the working process does not produce harmful chemicals on human body and environment, to ensure the safety of the user.

5, late can reduce investment, laser equipment has 2 ~ 30000 hours of maintenance free time, can reduce the maintenance cost and time. Compared to screen printing, ink jet printing to have better spray printing effect, with strong market competitiveness.

above all, the ultraviolet laser marking machine is very suitable for use in battery manufacturing industry, with its extremely fine perfect beam in high precision marking on the battery products, achieve the control of accurate, safety and environmental protection, without any chemical pollution composition and corrosion resistance, is one of the popular products in the battery manufacturing.
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