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Explore the fiber laser marking machine can really marking metal?

by:LEAD TECH      2020-10-13

in the optical fiber laser marking machine can be laser marking on the metal material assigned code before we simple know first what is the metal material, what is the distinguishing feature of metal material. According to the relevant data display in baidu encyclopedia, metal material is actually refers to some certain luster, and easy for electricity and heat transfer characteristics of the material. In the industrial application of more extensive, but in the use of some arts and crafts is also able to see it. Many businessmen think laser marking machine can't use on metal, but it is not right, co2 laser marking machine does not, but also be able to use, such as optical fiber laser marking machine can, why?

why optical fiber laser marking machine is able to assignment of memory on the metal logo code? Optical fiber laser target laser beam quality is relatively high, using a laser beam can cause a physical change of the metal surface, which will be some information engraved in the metal table, realize the company name, product name, English, characters, Numbers, and sculpture show logo, qr code and other related information. Can be used in a variety of goods made from metal material in use.

in fact now of optical fiber laser marking machine also has a high configuration, high stability, small volume, marking fast, long service life, maintenance free, persistent work, the advantages of the parameter change characteristic, in the field of some spaceflight, auto parts, instrument, of several products, industrial manufacturing and other industries have a wide range of applications, not only are popular with foreign customers, but also by domestic users alike. Machine stability and maintenance free for users is particularly important, optical fiber is Leon marking machine can do the industrialization needs continuity processing production today.

again regression problems: fiber laser marking machine really can carry on the laser code assigned to the metal material of goods? There is no doubt that the answer is yes. Mentioned in addition to the previous paragraph, the characteristics of optical fiber laser marking machine operation page simple, business owners don't have to worry about because researchers call change affected by, the second optical fiber laser marking machine is no need to use any material, can save businesses on the material aspects of the high cost expenditures, and optical fiber marking belong to environmental marking, poses a risk to the environment. The optical fiber laser marking machine USES is in the form of air-cooled cooling, the output beam quality is wonderful, the reliability and lightning conversion rate is high.

fiber laser marking function be used on any metal material use, of course also includes some rare metal material. Except some metal material of epoxy resin, plastic, ceramic and other types of material also can be used, can be used in some electronic products, watches and clocks, mobile phone manufacturing, auto parts, hardware, food packaging, jewelry, aerospace, communications, clocks and watches, accessories, a variety of materials such as stainless steel products are all can with the aid of optical fiber laser marking machine for direct marking code.

all in all, fiber laser marking machine can be used on any type of metal material, we only need will have to play mark graphic design well in advance, can be achieved in a computer and direct import commodity marking assigned code. It can support many different format file of marking, will also be able to support production batch number, production date, validity, qr code, serial number, automatic jump, multiple functions such as automatic coding.
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