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F-128 high resolution inkjet printer parameters

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-12
Product introduction: The ultra-high resolution F-128 high-resolution cij printer has 128 independent nozzles, which is more than any dot matrix cij printer. Its pixels reach 200dpi (that is, 200 dots per square inch). The icon text is clear and coherent, and its super high resolution makes the fidelity of the sprayed graphic image equal to the printing quality. A cleaner coding method. All you need to do is to put the ink cartridge into the printer without any mixing agent. Therefore, the problem of ink leakage and dripping is fundamentally avoided, and the coding process is truly clean from then on No pollution. No external air source is required   Many dot matrix cij printers require an external air source (an external air pump is required) and solvent, but this machine does not require an external air source, thus saving the cost of the air pump. No need for thinner Since the machine does not require solvent, it can save consumables (solvent) costs. The ratio of ink to solvent is generally 1:3 to 1:8. No noise Since there is no need for an external air source (an external air pump is required), and the device works in a silent state, there is no noise. Usually, the inkjet printer has a noise of about 55 decibels, and if there is an external air pump, it can reach more than 100 decibels. Therefore, noise pollution to the environment and damage to the hearing of the operator are avoided. No irritating odor, cij printers using organic solvents, because a large amount of organic solvents evaporate during the ink circulation process, the odor is pungent and unpleasant, polluting the environment. This machine does not use solvents, so it has no pungent odor and has minimal impact on the environment. No pollution to the environment    uses environmentally friendly ink, non-toxic, does not pollute the sprayed products, it is the first choice for manufacturers of medicine, food, and beverage labels. Product features: The printing speed does not change with the number of lines, and the maximum printing speed can reach 35 meters per minute. The nominal speed of most cij printers only refers to one line. When spraying four lines, it only sprays four copies of one line. one. F-128 high resolution inkjet printer can print up to 8 lines in Chinese and English, and the number of lines will not affect the printing speed. It can print both high-resolution fonts and dot matrix, imitating dot matrix printing, and the effect is the same as dot matrix printing. Large and small characters can be sprayed, and one machine can be used for two purposes. Usually, the printing height of the small print machine is from 1mm to 18mm, and this machine can spray up to 18mm. It can print one to eight lines, which is the inkjet printer with the largest number of printing lines in the single-jet printer. The appearance is light and handy, the appearance is beautiful and the humanized touch film screen is easy to operate in Chinese. It is easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to move.
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