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Factors affecting the effect of laser marking

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-17

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In the laser marking machine system, there are many factors that affect the efficiency and effect of laser marking, mainly as follows:

1. The energy and beam form. In all laser processing, the first factor that should be considered, selecting the appropriate laser beam energy and form is the premise of laser marking.

2. The focusing performance of the laser beam. Since the focusing point of the laser beam is very small, the energy is very concentrated, and the focusing performance is good. If the ideal laser spot cannot be obtained, the high energy density characteristics of the laser cannot be applied, and the laser marking machine cannot be completed.

3. The mechanical precision of the table. The worktable is the mechanical part that drives the movement of the laser beam, and its accuracy directly affects the accuracy of the laser marking.

4. Optical system. The optical path system plays an important role in the transmission of the laser beam, and its good work is also one of the prerequisites for the laser marking machine.

5. The speed of the laser beam. In the process of interaction between laser and matter, the motion speed of laser beam is a very important parameter, which affects the effect of laser and matter.

6. The working condition of auxiliary equipment. Good auxiliary equipment can not only prolong the service life of the hardware, but also improve the effect of laser marking.

7. Functional characteristics of system software. Software is the control and command center of the entire system, and is the 'live' part of all laser marking machine systems. Good system software can not only operate easily and simply, but also make up for the lack of hardware, thereby improving the efficiency of laser marking machines. and effects.

8. The material properties of the object itself. The interaction of different materials and lasers will produce different effects. When using the laser marking machine, you should pay attention to selecting different lasers and related parameters (such as filling density, filling form, speed, frequency, power, etc.).

When laser marking, pay attention to the above points to get satisfactory results.

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