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Factors affecting the price of inkjet printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-01
There are many manufacturers of inkjet printers, and the prices of inkjet printers on the market are different, so what are the factors that affect their prices? 1. Is the inkjet printing effect clear and beautiful: the first priority of inkjet printers is inkjet printing Typing, whether the logo is clear and beautiful will directly affect the user's purchase experience. A clear and beautiful logo can not only improve the quality of product packaging, but also make sellers feel more assured when buying and feel that the purchased products are more formal and more reliable. . Whether the printing effect is clear or not is generally distinguished by the font and dot matrix. The dot matrix is u200bu200bneat, evenly spaced, horizontal and vertical, which is an important criterion for the quality of the printing effect. Some inkjet printers are more expensive. It is often because of the high requirements of customers that the low-priced machines cannot meet the requirements, so that we have to buy some imported models to achieve high standards of inkjet coding. 2. Whether the coding effect is firm and durable: With the enrichment of the application product line, the ink adhesion of the inkjet printer has gradually become a problem that customers often care about. In some quick-frozen food industries, packaging bags will take a long time after coding. Low-temperature freezing, if the ink is not firm, or the durability is short, it is easy to be blurred, damaged, falling, etc., which will cause complaints from customers and affect product market sales. Often food factories will be willing to invest more funds to purchase prices. Higher, but better quality ink. 3. Diversified content and rich functions: Equipment in different price ranges of cij printers will have great differences in configuration, such as hardware accessories or software configuration. 4. Adaptability: During the installation and commissioning process of coding equipment, we will encounter technical requirements from various customer industries, as well as different on-site installation environments and automation equipment matching. Stronger adaptability is also reflected in the installation of coding equipment, such as IP protection (dust-proof, waterproof) level, harsh environment for some low-level protection equipment, it will cause firmware damage or ink path pollution, which directly affects the machine’s performance. In terms of printing effect, stability, and service life, adaptability to harsh environments is also a standard condition for distinguishing the grades of inkjet printers. 5. High-speed performance and stability: This is also very important in the price of cij printers, that is, the printing speed of inkjet printers, especially for some cable factories. High-speed moving wires and cables, if matched If the speed of the coding equipment is not enough or can not keep up, it will print out the content that exceeds the range requirements, and the meter will be inaccurate, which will directly affect the entire product production line. There is also stability. You can also use the cable production line as an example. The poor stability of the cij printer will result in clogged nozzles at both ends for three days, and the printing effect is often poor, which makes people a headache. Therefore, choosing the right model and the right brand is very important to the stable production of the factory. 6. Convenience of operation: Whether the operation is simple, whether the software system framework is clear and easy to understand. For some users who have no experience and basic operation practice, can they quickly learn daily operation methods and common problems and troubleshooting in a short time is for later use One of the most influential key factors in China. It is an industrial coding equipment company providing high-quality solutions, integrating Ru0026D, design, production and sales. It has become a leading manufacturer of industrial identification systems, with operations in more than 30 countries on five continents. To meet the needs of customers' industrial coding, at the same time, we are committed to simple operation and to meet the special requirements of customers, providing a full range of identification solutions.
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