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Features and advantages of A series inkjet printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-01
A series continuous cij printers provide customers with solutions that meet a wide range of marking requirements. The series of inks that cooperate with Domino's various uses can print the logo on the surface of food, glass, plastic, metal, rubber and many other different types of materials. So let’s briefly talk about the characteristics and advantages of the A series inkjet printers; the characteristics and advantages are high reliability 1. The automatic cleaning function of the print head ensures that the nozzle will not be blocked due to frequent production line opening 2. The advanced ink series is guaranteed to be larger Reliability of marking within the temperature range 3. of different IP grades can adapt to different conditions. High-quality inkjet coding 1. The heated nozzle technology keeps the ink at the most suitable viscosity to ensure constant inkjet coding. Quality 2. The replacement of the ink tank can be completed within a few seconds without stopping the production line, thus ensuring the consistency of the coding operation 3. Outstanding print head technology provides better ink droplet separation and coding quality 4. Non The contact-type coding method provides high-quality marking effect, even on uneven and curved material surfaces. Easy operation 1. Intuitive widescreen operation keyboard and function keys make information creation easier 2. Friendly operation interface 3. Quick , Convenient one-button start-stop operation
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