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Features and advantages of small laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-29

Small laser marking machine is also called portable laser marking machine. As the name suggests, this new type of laser marking machine is compact and easy to carry. Marking operations can be carried out in small spaces. Besides being easy to carry, small laser marking machines have many other advantages.

Features and advantages of small laser marking machine

2. The marking effect is good. Small laser marking machines operate using a laser beam. This is a non-contact marking operation. During the marking process, the workpiece will not be damaged. The marked text pattern is clear and beautiful, and it can also control the laser marking machine. The marking depth can be processed to your liking.

2. The marking speed is fast. Marking with a small laser marking machine can greatly increase the marking speed, whether it is used in the automotive industry, the electronics industry or other industries, it will be of great help. It improves the assembly line production system of modern industry and reflects a huge improvement in productivity.

3. The mark is anti-counterfeiting. The trademark marked by the small laser marking machine has strong anti-counterfeiting performance, which can be waterproof, fireproof, anti-corrosion and rust-proof. Car nameplates marked with a small laser marking machine are not easy to erase. You can tag based on it, info can track car info.

4. Wide range of tags. The small laser marking machine has a wide marking range, can mark most materials and most configurations, and can meet the marking needs of most companies.

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