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Features of laser QR code printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-09
The development of code printers can be said to have developed rapidly in recent years, and now relying on the support of technology, QR code code printers have begun to appear in the market. So what are the production principles and characteristics of the QR code printer? Because the laser is concentrated on the surface of the object to be marked with a very high energy density, the two-dimensional code coding machine vaporizes the material on the surface of the object to be marked after burning and etching, and the useful displacement of the laser beam is manipulated. Accurately burn out pictures and text. A variety of series of small character cij printers are convenient to choose. Small character inkjet printers are suitable for food, beverage, medicine, cosmetics, electronics and other industries. They can print various high-quality characters, such as production date, shelf life, shift, Logo, one-dimensional, two-dimensional code, etc. Like a laser coding machine, the patented dot matrix technology can clearly code on a variety of materials such as cartons, plastics and glass. The laser function improves the reliability of the laser source and reduces the operating cost. The characteristics of the QR code printer are as follows: fast, efficient and clear. The laser two-dimensional code printer supports automatic coding, printing serial numbers, batch numbers, dates, bar codes, two-dimensional codes, automatic number skipping, etc. The laser is assembled on the surface of the marked object with extremely high energy density, after roasting and etching, the surface material is vaporized, and the useful displacement of the laser beam is manipulated to accurately engrave pictures or text. The characteristics of laser coding machine identification industry in use: 1. Strong anti-counterfeiting: the mark cannot be altered and has a high technological content; 2. Special coding mark: prevents the channeling of goods and counterfeit goods, and is convenient for regional sales and processing; 3. The content of the inkjet marking is roughly the same, no need to adjust the boot, easy to use; 4. No consumables for laser marking, which can save costs. Where non-metallic or non-metallic packaging materials can use CO2 online laser, metal and hard plastic bottle caps can be printed with YAG online laser machine.
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