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Fiber Laser Markers: The Marking Leader of the Future

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-10

Fiber Laser Marking Machine: The Future Marking Leader

With the breakthrough of key technologies of fiber laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine has developed by leaps and bounds in China and the world. The rapid application of various laser marking processing enterprises, the original price of fiber laser marking machine of hundreds of thousands has seen a big price reduction, as low as about 30,000 to 40,000, and enterprises and individuals who could not afford fiber laser marking machines before can abandon it The complex and troublesome semiconductor laser marking machine is replaced by the fiber laser marking machine!

Fiber laser marking machine is now widely used in the metal industry, non-metallic In the marking applications in the same industry and special industries, the most widely used are jewelry laser marking, energy-saving lamp laser marking, fastener laser marking, capacitor aluminum shell laser marking, sand wheel laser marking, Laser marking of auto parts, etc., and some of them apply fiber laser marking machine to egg marking, which shows the charm of fiber laser marking machine.

It is understood that through customer search terms and in the consultation chat with the customer service staff of the equipment manufacturer, they mainly want to know the price of the laser marking machine and whether it can meet the marking requirements of their materials, and Through our analysis, it is concluded that they are mainly used for lasers in the packaging industry, medical products, household appliances, keyboards, panels, advertising signs, ID cards, daily necessities barcodes, QR codes, product serial numbers, company logos, and production dates. At the same time, some of them need to apply the laser marking machine to the production line operation, and our Tianjin Xingze Laser has developed an online flying laser marking machine (mainly used for the fiber laser marking machine on the production line) according to customer needs. , Metal laser marking machine (mainly used for marking metal materials) carbon dioxide laser marking machine (mainly used for marking the date of food production, commonly used in the tobacco industry marking) and so on.

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