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Fiber Laser Marking Machine Accessories

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-25

Fiber laser marking machine uses fiber laser as output light source, and cooperates with high-speed scanning galvanometer to realize the function of marking on the surface of goods. Fiber laser marking machine has many advantages and is widely used in medical equipment, 3C electronics , daily necessities, auto parts and other industries.

Fiber laser marking machine accessories mainly include: laser, galvanometer, field mirror, cabinet, laser power supply, marking control card, computer, etc.


Laser is the core accessory of a fiber laser marking machine, equivalent to the engine of a car , is an accessory that provides power for the marking machine. Depending on the type of marking machine, the matching lasers are also different, mainly fiber lasers, CO2 lasers, ultraviolet lasers, semiconductors, etc.


is the model structure of the entire equipment, the cabinet is the shell of the marking machine, different types of marking The casing of the machine is also different, choose the appropriate model according to your needs.

Galvo Mirror

Galvo Mirror is a laser scanner, which consists of XY optical scanning head, electronic drive amplifier and optical mirror composition. The laser marking machine relies on the cooperation of X and Y vibration deflection to reflect the light to the work surface for precise engraving. The control of the galvanometer is open-loop controlled by the computer. Therefore, the requirement must be linear, that is, there is a linear relationship between the input signal and the deflection angle.

Field lens

The function of field lens is for laser marking machine The marking range, the larger the marking range, the lower the fineness. The field mirror is also divided into single-layer mirror and double-layer mirror. The single-layer mirror is used for CO2 laser marking machine, and the double-layer mirror is used for fiber laser marking machine. To distinguish the field lens, it is mainly to see whether its transmittance, surface smoothness and mirror light rate are uniform. You can use the same parameters on the machine to test with different field lenses, and fill in a large range to be divided. come out.

Marking control card

The marking control card is the marking control software of the fiber laser marking machine, used for Debug marking parameters, and operate all marking actions. Common marking cards include Golden Orange, Century Sonny, samlight, etc. The most used is the Golden Orange marking card. There are many imitations on the market, but there is little difference in use, mainly due to the difference in cost.


The workpiece marking action is completed by coordinating the acousto-optic modulation system and the galvanometer scanning system. software carrier.

In addition to the above main accessories, you can also choose other auxiliary accessories according to your needs: rotating fixture, CCD vision positioning system, dynamic galvanometer, electric lifting column, automatic focus system, etc.

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