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Fiber laser marking machine makes black words on stainless steel

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-24

Fiber laser marking machine has the characteristics of high marking speed, long life, small spot and high peak power. It is the most widely used laser marking machine on the market. Sometimes according to production needs, black characters need to be marked on the stainless steel material. Can the fiber laser marking machine achieve this function? The answer is yes, and how to implement it, please see the specific operation steps below.

1. Turn on the computer and make a picture for marking. The picture should not be too big and the lines should be thinner. When filling The line spacing is 0.01-0.02mm, and the margin can be set to a larger point, so that the pattern can be displayed correctly and the thinner the better;

2. The marking speed of the fiber optic machine marking machine Choose 100-200mm/S, the smaller it is, the darker it will be, but it will be slower. When marking, choose the overall calculation of the graph. If you are not assured, you can combine or group it and then fill it;

3. The marking angle should be the shortest for each marking line, and the blackness will be the same. The marking angle should be shorter than the filling line, generally 45 degrees can be selected. The marking power should be between 50-70, and the frequency should be 10KHZ; The normal value is 1mm. Note that if the unevenness of the black surface exceeds 2MM, it is very likely that the highest or lowest place will not be black. If this happens, the fiber laser marking machine will either hit twice, or sacrifice the feel to reduce the frequency and increase the High power to solve!

Video demonstration of fiber laser marking machine marking black characters

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