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Fiber laser marking machine makes current marking processing more outstanding

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-15

Fiber laser marking machine makes the marking processing more outstanding.

Fiber laser marking machine has become a hot spot in laser physics research in recent years. It is unanimously considered as a new generation product that may completely replace solid-state lasers.

Fiber lasers refer to lasers that use rare earth-doped glass fibers as gain media. Fiber lasers can be developed on the basis of fiber amplifiers: high power density is easily formed in the fiber under the action of pump light, resulting in laser The laser energy level of the working substance is 'number inversion

At the beginning of fiber laser marking, it has been proposed in the early stage of laser marking application technology. Since the supporting technology at that time was not mature and lacked the corresponding electronic technology, this technology has been lagging behind.

Until entering the 21st century, with the rapid development of electronic technology and the vigorous rise of electronic application technology, the laser diode as the core component of the manufacturing of fiber laser marking machines finally has a major technological breakthrough.

Including the increase in unit power and the reduction in manufacturing costs, the quality, stability, and service life of the product have also been revolutionized, which makes the optical fiber The laser marking machine has an excellent laser source.

The breakthrough of this technology has increased the output power of the fiber laser marking machine, making the application of fiber laser marking technology increasingly broad, and it has applications in most metal materials and non-metal materials.

It has high beam quality, strong stability, high photoelectric conversion efficiency, long service life, small space occupation, and no consumables. It is a great weapon in the processing and manufacturing industry. It not only replaces the original processing methods in many industries , And compared with the original laser marking technology, fiber laser marking has a qualitative improvement, and new application models have been developed in many fields, leading a new level of laser marking application.

  Fiber laser marking machine


Today, we can already witness the application of fiber marking technology in the current industry, and the excellent processing ability is now applied in many fields.

For example, many fields such as electronics, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, packaging, hardware, medical equipment, etc. have applications, and the development of some fields is also deepening. In the future, fiber laser marking will become the future processing and manufacturing Another weapon of the company, through more precise and powerful laser energy, coupled with the current electronic technology, computer software control technology, and the coordinated operation of current precision equipment, the future fiber laser marking technology is full of infinite possibilities.

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