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File box of printer, changed the history - manually fill in the file box

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-13
File box printer or file box of universal printer, in 2000 by the company in the domestic first developed specifically for the file box printing machines. Real change file box printer, the advent of the fate of the people manually fill in the file box. File cover of printer, can satisfy all units and departments to file boxes, file cover printing, can print on any of the specifications of the file box, design. A print, can be arbitrary replacement text, format, content, truly achieve the single print, batch print's mode. Now on the market with most is the pin type file box of printer, or handwritten, but both large and small. Multifarious, products listed are just not for two years, I can't say that someone is bad, but as the file box printer, there are 17 years of production experience, the stability of the machine and the file box matching is fully mature. Have rich experience in the file box laser printing machine research and development, in view of low efficiency, non-standard, typesetting trouble, breakage, flatness requirement is very high, printing speed is slow, and so on questions, research and development dedicated file box of printer. One operator, with high quality and efficiency, with fast printing speed, can save the time is long, etc. features: 1, professional printing, rapid batch file boxes have statements printing function, file, at the same time apply widely. 2, touch-tone adjusting control, LCD display content, operation is simple and intuitive. 3, print, thickness of 18 cm, file cover photosensitive file can still be printed directly after, meet different thickness of print media. 4, file boxes, printer adopts two-way printing: printing speed, print automatically switches. 5, to meet the specific type or thick paper to print. 6, batch printing, interval amount will be automatically for cleaning printing ink head. 7, have complete self-checking function, can the printer itself hardware, fonts, such as the print head state for testing and display. 8, industrialized production design, can be continuous 24 hours non-stop printing.
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