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File box printer can solve the problem of what? What's the application? To tell you -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-13

As is known to all, units, departments, archives, and so on store a huge number of all the documents need to classify emissions, and comments in the file cover, file box surface good relevant information. Once upon a time, surface handwritten file boxes, back label pasting box ridge, but some problems such as paste skewed and degumming. And by the time and the climate effect, the handwriting will blur dizzy catch, not very clear. Therefore, to launch a file box surface & amp; Back on rapid and accurate print file box of special laser printing machine. The laser printing machine has solved the file box, can't bend the problem printing; Printing speed, high color saturation, color full height; Clear, counterpoint, precise and perfect counterpoint, file boxes underline not skew distortion, the surface of his comely and beautiful; Solved the file box 2 card buckle is not convenient to put, affect printing height adjustment problems, more convenient and quick, reduces the chances of errors, as well as more generous and beautiful; Can solve the problem of long-term preservation of traditional ink, special ink print hold time 70 years do not fade, truly achieve the single print, batch print's mode. File box laser printing machine advantage: 1. Is specifically for file box of the latest research and development production, print directly the operation is simple, to organize various departments redundant files. 2. Computer special software, dozens of software can be used at the same time, according to different design requirements change directly name letters can appear new file box layout is convenient and simple. 3. Ink keeping degree for a long time, save more than 70 years do not fade. Suitable for long-term preservation of file boxes, special file cover by the sole for using ink. 4. Late ink doesn't rub off, convenient and clean up and file cover print can be long-term preservation, after years still damp clear, water proofing property is good, flooding non-proliferation not insoluble, fade in the long-term preservation are clear. 
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