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Filling rule of UV laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-13

The processing content of the small laser marking machine can be a single-line font or a filled font. The single-line font is very simple, there is nothing to say, just enter the text directly, but when the laser marking machine marks text or graphics , the knowledge of filling on the software is a bit complicated. Filling can fill in the specified graphic pattern or text. Here, the object to be filled must be a closed space. If you choose to fill multiple objects, then these objects can interact with each other. Nesting can also be unrelated to each other, but requires that any two objects cannot have overlapping parts. So there are several filling methods for using a small laser marking machine,

Five filling methods for using a small laser marking machine

1. Unidirectional filling: filling line Always fill from left to right.

2. Bidirectional filling: Filling lines are first filled from left to right, and then filled from right to left. The rest of the loop is filled.

3. Circular filling: The filling line is the circular offset filling of the object outline from the outside to the inside.

Reverse: The default processing method is from outside to inside. After enabling, the processing direction will be processed from inside to outside.

4. Bow fill: similar to two-way fill, but the end of the fill line will be connected into a line.

5. Optimized bow fill: Similar to bow fill, but skips the fill in the blank part of the object.

Description of filling method when using laser marking machine to code text

Description of filling method when using laser marking machine to code text

(a is unidirectional or bidirectional filling, b is annular filling, c is bow filling, d is bow filling Fill, f is the optimized bow fill)

The above five filling methods of small laser marking machine are directly replaced by clicking the icon on the laser marking machine software.

The filling methods of laser marking machines such as small laser marking machines, fiber laser marking machines, and ultraviolet laser marking machines are all the same.

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