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Five questions and answers of laser marking machine manufacturers to laser marking machine software

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-01

Q: Can the laser marking machine use English or other national languages? A: The EZCAD2 international version software used by the laser marking machines produced by Xinmingsheng Laser, this version of the software completely supports Unicode, so it can basically support all international languages. 2. Q: What requirements does the marking machine software have on the computer system? A: The laser marking machine software can be installed on MICrosoft Win7, Win10, WindowsXP, VISTA system and can be perfectly applied 3. Q: What content can the laser marking machine mark? Answer: The marking machine can mark a wide range of content, and can flexibly design and edit the text and patterns that need to be processed, two-dimensional code, barcode jump number, variable text, and can also dynamically directly read EXCEL, text files, and SQL databases. Content. 4. Q: Can the laser marking machine achieve seamless connection with the supporting automation system and complete real-time communication? A: The marking machine software can directly read text data through serial port or network port, and has powerful IO control The function of port control is added, which realizes automatic real-time communication, and can freely control the system to interact with external devices. 5. Q: Is it easy to install the system software? A: After the device is connected, open the device manager and the following picture will be displayed: Among them is the marking card, right-click after selecting it, and the following dialog box will pop up: Select 'Update Driver SoftwareCorresponds to the driver folder. After installing the corresponding driver for it, the display will be as follows: Figure 1-3 The driver is installed at this point, the hardware driver installation is completed, and the software can be started.

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