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Flying laser inkjet printer to achieve online coding_laser inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-19

Laser printers are also called laser printers or laser marking machines. Therefore, many manufacturers have asked what would be the effect if the laser printer equipment is loaded on the assembly line? Is there such a laser coding equipment?

The following is from the Manufacturer Technology Co., Ltd. to tell you:

The flying laser printer is a good partner for assembly line, and the flying laser printing machine will not cause damage to the material. Pollution, no wear, no poison, and clear writing, amazing production efficiency faster. Especially in recent years, the online flying laser printers launched by manufacturers can achieve continuous high-quality laser coding on moving product packaging at high speed, and are easy to use, suitable for the environment, and stable in operation.

Manufacturer Technology Co., Ltd. said that the four advantages of flying laser printers:

1. Realize online coding

You can understand at a glance, as long as The operator who knows how to read can operate immediately and is very easy to get started;

2. manufacturer's technology, laser inkjet printer has low energy consumption

The efficient fiber laser system has a low energy conversion rate. High, no consumables, maintenance-free, and cost-effective;

3. Fast and stable coding speed:

With high-end industrial lasers, stable high-speed continuous 24-hour uninterrupted coding and marking , Suitable for users with large marking volume and high-speed marking;

4. High marking precision:

Using a scanning galvanometer with high sensitivity, high precision and system stability The system has uniform output spot and fine marking lines;

Nowadays, flying laser printers have been widely used in many industries, such as electronic components, handicrafts, leather, ceramics, glasses, glass, buttons , Paper and plastics, etc., and are also attracting attention abroad.

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