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Flying mark mode of imported laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-05-05

Laser marking machine has been widely used in various industries. It has the characteristics of fast marking speed, clear marking, difficult to erase after marking, no consumables, and easy operation. It is loved by everyone. The laser marking machine looks like a small machine, but in fact there are a lot of attention , if not use the assembly line.

We all know that industrial production pursues speed, mass production, and running water is the first choice for many industrial products. Moreover, the laser marking machine and other assembly line industrial equipment can achieve semi-automatic or fully automatic marking. The working speed of an assembly line is fast, and labor costs are saved. As long as the design is based on product requirements, the effect of the assembly line can be achieved and manual. The marking effect is similar, and generally speaking, the pipeline marking is more accurate. Since the assembly line needs to use the flying mark mode, what is the flying mark mode of the laser marking machine?

First of all, we need to have a laser marking machine, and then we will judge whether this laser marking machine can achieve flying marking and whether it can achieve flying marking. Marking, we have to judge from two directions, first is whether the marking card marking software has a flying mark mode, second is whether the laser can achieve flying mark marking, and then we configure the corresponding accessories required for flying mark marking.

After the configuration is complete and installed, some masters will get stuck on the parameter adjustment. The product needs to be adjusted many times, so this needs to be tested many times to know. Different products use different parameters, and the same product marking requires different parameters. This parameter is higher than the parameters of the laser marking machine. It is a little more complicated, because it is not only related to the laser power, marking speed, etc., but also related to the speed of the guide rail and the speed of other auxiliary accessories, such as vibrating discs, pulleys and so on.

The flying mark mode of laser marking machine plays an important role in industrial production. It can quickly improve the marking speed, save labor costs, and some products can also be more Accurately marking to the corresponding position is a laser device that is currently used more for production date, batch number, logo, etc.

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