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Follow the shadow of fiber laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-28

As we all know, plastics are widely used in every field at this stage, including industrial production, agriculture and animal husbandry, communications, packaging, household furniture and other industries. Plastic products can often be seen in social development and daily life. . With the continuous improvement of plastic products, the marking method of its raw materials has also been upgraded, from the traditional printing ink Leadtech Coding software to the excellent Shenzhen plastic laser marking machine.

The necessity of plastics in everyone's daily life, the wide application of plastics endangers everyone's daily life, so in order to better enhance the brand influence of their products, manufacturers also To better promote brand promotion and customer application experience, it is also to better facilitate the application of mid-stream and downstream products. All plastic products will be marked with clear and beautiful production date, logo, patent number, company name, main Parameters, marked name, serial number and other information.

The plastic laser marking machine that accompanies the shadow

Food industry: In order to make the products more beautiful and generous, and carry out reasonable anti-counterfeiting marking and management methods for the products, various Various food industries are also slowly applying excellent plastic laser marking machines.

In the electrical and electronic industry, Shenzhen plastic laser marking machine is mainly used for power adapters on mobile phones, mobile phone headsets, casings, notebook mice, light-transmitting computer keyboards and other applications. Various electronic components and parts and other plastic products surface information marking and pattern design laser marking.

All kinds of contemporary LED lamps must be marked with lasers for their lamp sockets, lamp covers, power switch lamps and lighting accessories.

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