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Following from the printer: have a good mood every day, start from the beautiful following -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-15
Fashion the way how can do without you! In addition to let their own wear fashion, also need to fashionable shoes bag accessories, even following are careless. It is the feeling of being armed to the teeth. Small make up teach you how to become a fashionable essence of this! Want to change following also not easy. Don't be in a bad mood! Small make up to tell you. is to use traditional paper print before, we've always had a dream in any print beautiful pattern on the object. As technology innovation, beautifully printed pattern on different objects is not a dream! Now UV laser printing machine can do it! And through more than ten years of technology new technology of precipitation is worth having! Has the suspicion following not good-looking? To customize yourself! Then the following laser printing machine how to do DIY? 1. Choose the right materials need to print the following material. At present common following material has following from plastic following, silica gel following, metal, and following from leather and so on. These materials have what different? In addition to the silicone following are can print custom! Because the silica gel is not bibulous, that there is no way on the silica gel ink has a very good fixation effect. On the market most of the following is acrylic, PC, ABS, PP, TPU, metal, glass, leather and so on material. If is ordinary ABS, leather and other material is not processing can be customized directly, if it is acrylic, metal, glass and other material need evenly coated in advance before custom printed planar, enhance the printing color fastness to dry can directly customized design, logo, etc. 2. A selection of images on a computer or cell phone to choose the appropriate images, to clear the original image, the printing effect will be better. Then in PHOTOSHOP or PS picture drawing software, such as processing photos ( Picture) And drag the picture the previous location framework, and according to the scale size effect. 3. Print step to get the following from being placed on the following from the printer to print platform. A, can also customize different design following quantities, this does not conflict! As long as it is highly consistent following from can, choose printer nozzle and the distance of the following best is 1 2 mm, the effect will be more clear, and then use the printer is directly on the surface following custom designs. Photo level high reduction printing effect, make you relaxed swimming in fashionable and comfortable mobile life. Is it easy? We own the following printer easily solved! And can also customize other material plane or cylinder, small to food packaging bags, following, jade, big to bottles, aluminum cans, aluminum tube, golf, football leather, etc. , only you thought, no can't do! Although the current UV printer can not completely replace the traditional printing, but the small batch production or processing costs relatively proofing is lower than the traditional process! From all walks of life companies, processing plants, advertisers, and individual have investment in the equipment for production operation! Environmental protection free from contamination, Bai Cai embossment a molding without post-processing! Following from the printer is the one big characteristic, not only made significant breakthrough in the field of materials, printing, and also made a breakthrough in terms of printing. Even when the machine use 2 pass printing products, also can print more than 95% of the machine. More importantly, when using high precision printing, can print 0. Ultrafine 01 mm ultra clear character! Is worth to let you know more!
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