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Following from the printer resolution - market depth

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-16
UV flat-panel printers in the following industry famous because now social protection one of the most popular mobile phone cases, as everybody knows, mobile phones in a lot of people in the heart is a treasure, but face a lot of people will buy mobile phones cases to protect, first phone cases is very monotonous, and then a first developed following case suppliers, he think this case is too monotonous, but he is looking for is there a way to print some pictures in the following from the surface, at first he first found the manufacturer of screen printing, but the printing is very troublesome, plate-making, again making film pattern is rare, so the suppliers are not satisfied, then find ah find ah, finally find a flat-panel printers on the Internet, he will try to say, the final test is found, the UV flat-panel printers can print following, from then on, following from the UV printer will pop up, after four years, following from UV printer is still the same today. Mobile phone shell printer equipment suitable for multiple material printing, mobile phone shell printer equipment is currently printing printing industry, there are more professional industry. For example the leather industry, the traditional printing process is common screen printing color a single, simple color uniform; Large can color printing CA plate equipment is expensive, high requirements for material; Thermal transfer damage material; Traditional way of printing is crystal crystal industry lamination process; Organic glass industry is screen printing, metal industry is using pad printing or thermal transfer, etc. So once you have the universal printer, you have a stronger competitive advantage than counterparts. Second, mobile phone shell printer equipment is very suitable for need color transition of the image printed three, the traditional way of printing, such as screen printing, almost impossible to do it according to the pictures all the colors of the transition, so printing out the effect of the color line, in the middle of the two kinds of colour, it is difficult to and reflected color transition according to the picture itself. Especially many products require printing trademark, logo, such as high precision, high complexity of design, gifts, arts and crafts industry is more widely applied. Can be color printing CA plate equipment can perfectly meet the requirements, to give full expression to the strong market potential, break through the silk screen printing, thermal transfer printing mode such as bottlenecks, found the new profit growth point for the customer. Mobile phone shell printer equipment suitable for professional use more uncommon industry can plate equipment can change the printing color printing CA content, change the printing effect, can be a one-on-one digital print, without the use of plate making excessive. Many products at the back of the metal plaque on the product code, and code corresponding to each product in each group; And factory employees gonghaowu breastplate and employee's card, for example, can also according to one-to-one digital print, still can add profile pictures, etc. Universal printer the process is simple and low cost. Simple mobile phone shell printer device printing steps without plate, plate burning, repeat steps of tinted, no need for silk screen printing and thermal transfer way required for various types of tools and materials. By universal following from printer, only need to prepare another ordinary computer. A fuck machine personnel can be completely independent of the printing operation, save manpower material resources, and simple way, instant, experience to the fuck machine is low, just to be a simple image processing software. Mobile phone shell laser printing machine equipment printing position accurate, to avoid the manual printing house can the problem of position deviation in color printing CA plate equipment is no longer the traditional printing mode and method, is no longer a simple manual operation of the past and printing craft, with high technical content of computer, and combined with automatic control technology, can be very precise on the printing area and position, to avoid the manual position offset problems printing office. Since it is a one-time multicolour printing, nor tinted registration problem. These advantages can also and engraving, etching, etc. The combination of the process is very effective, in the area of engraving print a beautiful picture, or accurately etching after printing, etc. Thus, the product in the engraving, etching and other industries have made new breakthrough, can play a better role. That is to bring the following from the introduction of printer market depth resolution. Hope to be of help. Is a major production of universal flat-panel uv printer affordable, high performance/price ratio, and manufacturers selling uv flat-panel printers, we are set production, research and development and sales and after-sale integration of new and high technology company, need a universal laser printing machine, uv plate printing machine, uv printer customers welcome your consultation.
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